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DANCE TO THE BEAT OF A LONELY HEART, (hooker) (hookersounds, 2011)

1. Dance to the Beat of a Lonely Heart 2. The Way Out 3. Waiting for You

I'LL SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, Pianofingers & Ste McCabe (track 4 on Murder Music by Ste McCabe, Cherryade Records, 2009)

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RINGROAD/STEPPENWOLF, desolation angels (BlueCat Records, 2004)

1. ringroad 2. steppenwolf 3. dead women 4. asylum (video)

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ASYLUM, desolation angels (BlueCat Records, 2003)

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ASYLUM (single), desolation angels (BlueCat Records, 2003)

1. asylum (single edit) 2. rabbit huts 3. hunchback 4. asylum (album edit)

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BRIDGE OF BROTHERHOOD & UNITY EP, Bone-Box (UglyMan Records, 2002) (Fat Northerner Records, 2006)

1. Bridge of Brotherhood and Unity 2. My Week = Your Year 3. Don't Be Ten 4. The Chief 5. Tenterhooks

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WORKING THE RIBALD RATIO, Bone-Box (Uglyman Records, 2002) (Fat Northerner Records, 2006)

1. Low 2. Trusty Hound 3. Base Tastes 4. Bridge of Brotherhood and Unity 5. Shake My Frame 6. The Incumbent Noise 7. My Week = Your Year 8. Charivari 9. One Track Heart 10. Bite Radius 11. Sweatlacedblues 12. Ennui 13. Bail Bail Bail

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ROCKS IN HER POCKET EP,desolation angels (Prolekult Records, 2002)

1. swing 2. timeclock (EP version) 3. hunchback 4. janet frame

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